I remember sitting in a room with these INCREDIBLE people, who were being highlighted for their successes.... they were being called out one by one for all kinds of achievements. As I sat there clapping for them, I couldn’t help but question my own ability to create and achieve. I literally remember where I was sitting, and vividly remember my doubtful thoughts. I lacked so much belief in myself, but that was never what I allowed others to see. I got really good at hiding, but I had enough I wanted that to change. Desperately. So my journey began.

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Living Beyond Your Potential

Living up to your potential — it's a familiar phrase. Perhaps you saw it on a report card as a child: the dreaded accusation of not living up to your potential. Maybe you currently regard it as a compliment if someone says you are living up to your potential, especially in the workforce. Do you actually know what this overused phrase means or how it sets you back?

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