Opposites Attract

Opposites attract: It's cliche for a reason. This reality launches some of the most passionate romances, but it can also lead to relationship drama. I learned this the hard way, but I've also learned that, when navigated correctly, this type of relationship can be the most rewarding.It's exciting to discover the world from a completely new perspective. Puppy love takes over those first few months together, and even small quirks fascinate us.Our early romance bowled me over with its intensity. I'd never imagined falling so hard or so fast for somebody with a completely different approach to life. We held little in common, but we brought out the best in each other. Or so I thought.

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Opposites Attract2018-07-11T21:25:38-04:00

Living Beyond Your Potential

Living up to your potential — it's a familiar phrase. Perhaps you saw it on a report card as a child: the dreaded accusation of not living up to your potential. Maybe you currently regard it as a compliment if someone says you are living up to your potential, especially in the workforce. Do you actually know what this overused phrase means or how it sets you back?

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Living Beyond Your Potential2018-06-29T15:49:47-04:00

Striving NOT for Significance, but for Significant Impact

In an Instagram age, we're more intent on achieving significance than ever. We're addicted to the validation that only likes and retweets can offer, but we'll happily bask in other forms of praise as well. As we determine what will provide that next burst of validation, we rarely bother to ask ourselves: Is significance actually a goal worth pursuing?

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Striving NOT for Significance, but for Significant Impact2018-06-29T15:48:25-04:00